FEES or MBSS...which is better?

First off, let's ask the right question.  

FEES or MBSS...which test does my patient need?

When choosing your instrumental swallow test, you need to consider the best exam based on your patient's dysphagia profile.  BOTH FEES & MBSS are valuable tools.  If you are concerned about vocal changes, fatigue over the course of a meal, pre- or post-swallow airway invasion, impaired secretions management or if you need to accommodate specific patient positioning, FEES is the test you are looking for!  A FEES can test a patient in bed for as long as needed with food items right from their meal tray.

NO company should market their test as the "gold-standard swallow test" because let's be real...A SWALLOW TEST SHOULD BE CHOSEN BASED ON YOUR PATIENT'S DYSPHAGIA PROFILE. 

And today's SLPs know that both FEES & MBSS are BOTH recognized as gold-standard swallow exams.

In the end, any swallow test is only as good as the therapist performing the exam.    

But you don't have to take our word for it!  Here are some excellent, non-biased resources discussing the ins & outs of both exams from ASHA and from practicing clinicians.

  • An excellent conference presentation by Dr. Cesar Ruiz of LaSalle University


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