Inpatient Services:

"Swallowing diagnostics has been an adjunct to our SNF's for six years. I have found this service to be exceptional in terms of response time, quality of care and staff competency. I do not hesitate to recommend Swallowing Diagnostics to any health care facility in need of dysphagia services." 
Rhea Boscolo, Director of Rehabilitation, ICare Management

"I have utilized Swallowing Diagnostics to perform FEES studies for my dysphagia patients at several different facilities over the years. I have found all their clinicians to be highly skilled and consistently professional. Their diagnostic assessments, specific diet recommendations and therapeutic recommendations have been very helpful to me in providing the best care I can to my patients with dysphagia. Swallowing Diagnostics will continue to be an integral part of our quality healthcare team." 
Lisa Bosco, Speech Pathologist, Hebrew Home and Hospital

"We have been using Swallowing Diagnostics for a while and we have been very happy with their services, which are professional, timely and much easier for the patient."
Dr. Peter Jones, Medical Director, Douglas Manor

"I love working with Swallowing Diagnostics! I was introduced to Cheryl Rowe as a fairly new therapist and she has been a wonderful mentor to me. The therapists at Swallowing Diagnostics oriented me to the FEES and I have learned a lot about dysphagia therapy from them. They have allowed me to be an integral part of the testing process and making decisions about consistencies and strategies to try during the FEES. As a result of these opportunities I have been able to provide better speech therapy services." 
Sarah Barr, Speech Pathologist, Walnut Hill Care Center

"Swallowing Diagnostics provides prompt courteous service with the highest degree of professionalism. The report forms are concise and easy to read. The recommendations are useful and appropriate. Physicians provide positive feedback regarding picture descriptions used in the reports. The Swallowing Diagnostics' clinicians are experienced and knowledgeable about recent updates in the field of dysphagia. Overall, I'd give Swallowing Diagnostics an excellent rating!" 
Mary Coleman- Stanwick, Speech Pathologist, Middlesex Hospital

Every SLP From SDX FEES I have collaborated with over the past 5 years at my SNF has been reliable, personable, professional, skilled and made a positive difference in the clinical management of my patients! 

SLP from Fairfield County, CT

A resident, DS, was admitted as a LTC resident to our facility s/p PEG tube placement following treatment for "aspiration" PNA (aspiration in quotations because the CXR did not indicate any infiltrates). DS also had advancing Alzheimer's disease and the staff at his previous facility stated that he had lost interest in eating, and as a result had a significant weight loss. During the initial bedside swallow evaluation, he begged me to "take this tube out" and desperately wanted a bowl of Cornflakes. Alicia Cox, an SDX expert, came to the rescue with her scope and changed his life. Initially, he was safe for puree and nectar-thick liquids with SLP only. After three months of therapeutic PO trials, tongue-strengthening exercises, working closely with the dietitian and MD to wean him off of his tube feedings and extensive staff/NSG education, DS replaced his tube with a bowl of Cornflakes. As my Rehab Director recalls, DS practically cat-called the bowl ("Ooooooh yeaaaa") when he picked up the spoon for his first bite. He safely consumed a mechanical soft/thin liquid diet with no new pneumonia or changes in medical status for a year until he passed away from GI complications. During DS' final year, his cousin reported that she had "never seen him so social" as he attended all recreational events including picnics/barbecues, fishing trips, senior center suppers, all sharing food as a theme. He exuded confidence following this meaningful transition from NPO/isolated to eating his favorite foods/going fishing with the boys- with staff supervision of course! Whenever I see Cornflakes, I fondly think of DS. Thank you to Alicia and SDX for making his final year one of his best.  

SLP from Fairfield County, CT

I've had the opportunity to work with Carol, Alicia, and Cheryl. They are all extremely experienced and very professional. Through working with them and visualizing FEES studies I have greatly expanded my knowledge of dysphagia and how to treat it which has benefited me in my career as an SLP and countless patients I have treated. Thanks ladies!  

SLP, New Haven County, CT
They are always prompt and able to come out for the FEES within 24-48 hours of asking for the consultation. SDX is easy to work with and I would not hesitate to use them in future job placements or refer to others. 

SLP, Middlesex County, CT
I enjoy working with all the scopers, but it's always a special privilege to work with Cheryl. Her skill set, knowledge, and experience really help in the treatment process! 

SLP, Middlesex County, CT

Katrina is simply superior at networking and promoting optimal care for patients through enhancing skills of colleagues. Thank you Katrina!!!
SLP, New London County CT

Outpatient Services:

"The FEES procedure was painless, and the therapist was very helpful in providing information for a faster recovery. The exercises helped me with my recovery from Bell’s palsy. The staff was very professional and concerned about providing me with a solution to my problem. The location of the office was very convenient for me." Pauline Hills, client

"The therapist’s calm and comforting demeanor helped to put my son at ease during the FEES procedure. She offered him a wide variety of foods to accurately assess his swallowing ability. We were pleased that she issued her report on the same day as she conducted the test." Anonymous parent